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Dear Writers and Artists and Thinkers,

These past few months have been really trying. For many of us, the pandemic has meant months without a hug, without a hot kiss from a lover, without a twinkling night spent listening to sad musicians plucking the strings of their vintage guitars. Many things have been lost: expectations, people, wages, asparagus season, those late-April evenings where you pretend it’s warm enough to wear a t-shirt to your friend’s house and end up shivering outside over your rosé.

Often in loss, there is new space made, sort of like when you prune your lavender bush so that it grows back manifold. Maybe you have made peace with the new space. Maybe you’ve made art with the new space. Maybe you haven’t made art with the new space but you’ve been meaning to, it’s just everyday is kind of a bummer and you can’t find the motivation.

If you need motivation, you might enjoy this. We are writing to let you know that we will be collaborating to build a zine! It will be called the Quaranzine and the idea is to compile some of the art we made from the space the pandemic has forced upon us. And we would like you to submit. There are really no rules! Prose or poems or visual art are all cool, but also things that are none of those things that are things you have made are also cool. Submit your submissions to by May 31st! Please!

There is a strong possibility we will just print the zine on slightly thick printer paper and staple it together but we might get it professionally printed, depending on the cost and the number of submissions. Either way, we will keep you posted.

If you have any questions about the zine or not about the zine but that you think we have answers for, please feel free to reach out to us at

Some themes that we think might be worth exploring: isolation, connection, liberation, change, loss, carnality, lucidity, claustrophobia, cadence.

Here’s to hoping that this little zine will provide a sliver of sunshine and some much needed tangible, sensual connection and anything else you might be needing in this weird moment.

Until We Meet Again,

Gerson and Nicole

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