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Beautiful Landscape

Mango Writing

Your literary community was founded as The Finer Things Club as a creative outlet  made for connecting people during the first lockdown in March of 2020.

Using videoconference software, website members would meet once a week, every Thursday night at 7:30 for an open mic. Although we strongly encourage original work, we were happy to receive anyone who was interested in sharing any piece of literary work that resonated strongly with them.

Mango Writing is for everyone who wants to share poetry or essays that they have written themselves, or were written by others, and has touched them in some way. It's substantive work that evokes feelings - not always comfortable ones. 

Its a place to process emotions and thoughts, or to ask questions to the universe or other writers.

We endeavor to foster a community of writers and creative minds that can experiment without fear of judgement and who feel the love and support of fellow each other. 

So when you log in, get comfortable, put on your sweatpants and brew some cocoa, its time to take a deep dive into your mind, and the minds of others.



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