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The quarantine

Life is crazy you know. One minute you are sitting outside, listening to birds chirping, staring at the little pond in your little backyard watching people go by, taking everything they have for granted. The next minute you are secluded, confused about what the world has become. Yes, there are still those colorful birds chirping their songs and yes those fish in the little pond are still there, yet something in the air is different. The people, in my eyes, are realizing, slowly realizing what they took for granted. Yes, the world is messed up right now, but being secluded, with nothing makes a person think. People are living life with confusion, but with their families. Although some have no income, no where to go, nothing to do, they are realizing. Before, when life was different, you lived your life as if it were a merry-go-round, circling, doing the same thing every day; then things changed. Your entire equilibrium changed and now you understand what you were missing before. Things have changed. You realized how happy your children are when you walk through your door, you realize how lost you are without a proper education, you realize how lonely you feel without your friends, you realize how fortunate you are to have a roof over your head and food in your stomach, you realize that life is not just about work. Stop. Stop and look at the things you have because those little colorful birds and the pond may only be there for some time. Do not take anything for granted because you are lucky. You are lucky to have those birds and those fish, its just sad that it took a pandemic for people to realize it.

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The "negative insight --" a realization of something "bad" -- like remembering that you forgot your mask, for example (never thought I'd have to say something like that with no context). During the pandemic, when you think "damn," and look back, that's the negative insight. So I like this piece here.

But an insight is an insight! Not even those should be taken for granted. They're not THAT common.


Jan 12, 2021

(I read this quote just yesterday by an American editor and essayist and I wanna share it here: Ingratitude is a crime more despicable than revenge, which is only returning evil for evil, while ingratitude returns evil for good.” --William George Jordan)

Nice piece, Brittney. I can relate in the sense that attention to the details and littler things around me have been particularly impactful in helping me maintain a healthy mindset throughout this global pandemic. In these past many months I have learned a lot about myself and how to cope with trauma. I have found that the mere recognition of the intricate and pretty things that make up a whole world around me can keep me entertained for…

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