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A Longing For Snow

Plainly, your intent is evanescence and yet

I dream of permanence

For weeks, I awake at night and stare at the starless sky

Awaiting your return

The numbness maintained in my hands and face each day brings

Hope that you’re near

I pass the time inside trying to soothe my impatient mind instead of

Wondering why you left last year

The taste of warm mulled wine and chicken pot pie is

Not the same without your soft embrace


You’ve arrived and the world seems right

The children play in your white waves and enjoy seeing how easily

You cascade down the highest hills

My eyes shimmer like gold each moment you graze the surface of my face

But, each day you fade away

I dream of permanence, of the day that you’ll stay

Awake, I force a state of contentment with the little spots of you that remain

Hope and thoughts of your return coat your sudden departure

I plead, please don’t disappear, just another year, just one more year

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