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Allium Cepa

I meet them in their plastic wrap

Doubly protected

By their forced synthetic skin

That pretends to be the real shell’s twin

The fake shit is easy to get past

It only takes a little effort, just a bit of care

Just a jab of the finger is enough

Going further is where it gets rough

It’s the natural part that hurts

Some cutting is necessary

Off the top and the bottom

The penetration begins

Each slice of the knife cuts one layer deeper

Each pass of the blade reveals if it’s a keeper

But it doesn’t go without a fight into the night

It grew up in harsh soil, through the acid it was forced to toil

For other organisms, its destructive, to Allium cepa its life

But some benefits DO come from a life of strife

It retaliates, shooting into my eyes and hands

Our fierce bout soon ends with the onion sliced into bands

But I can’t leave without saying I teared up and cried

To think of all the layers I went through just to fry

In fact I went through each layer attaining new wisdom

Learning more about the cute little onion with each layer

But going through layer after layer

Made me the onion slayer

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Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez
Apr 23, 2021

So whimsical

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