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Before We Bloom

Before we bloom

and fill up this room,

and crowd it with ladybugs, beetles, and ivy

I want to reverse

and grow back to roots

I want to take back

all my feminine blooms

and let all the thorns

crawl up my body

Protect me from time

and the eyes at this party

The mud that I’m in

dries out my skin

The smoke on my breath

makes the roses cave in

We sway to the sound

and soak up the steam

The sun in the lights

The moon and its cream

Growing along

The walls we can reach

How to survive this

No one can teach

We rise or we die

Under the sky

If only the buds

Told their buddies they’re perfectly fine

The water is wine

The lies are the truth

The stories they tell you

Are always the ones from their youth

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Mar 02, 2021

This was so lovely to read. Nicely written!

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