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Hunter's Glory

It's 4:16 in the afternoon.

Pink and orange hues paint the horizon reminding me of a fuzzy summer peach. The last few rays of golden sunshine smother my cold cheeks with warmth before the night's cloak covers the sky. I stand in the center of an asphalt driveway, head tilted up, and hands spread wide feeling every inch of heat touching my skin.

I remain there long enough to feel you looking at me, wondering what I'm wondering, wondering what you're wondering. We turn towards one another as the light finally fades. I catch the last evening glow on your stunning grin before we step into the shadows of the dark and bare forest ahead. I grab your hand and squeeze for one second then let go.

Leaves crunch under my feet as an early December air fills my lungs. That fuzzy summer peach suddenly shriveled up rotting- long gone and far away.....

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Daniel Enoch
Daniel Enoch
Dec 20, 2021

Absolutely breathtaking. Such vivid imagery

Dec 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you !! That’s so awesome to receive your feedback. :)

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