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I Love you.

I Love you.

Something I don't think I say enough.

I often thought it was kind of… empty,

when I heard people say it to one another.

Hence why I saved those three little words for only the most important occasions.

But why?

I mean, I guess I never really thought what those three little words truly meant…

I guess I never really thought of how easily life can be taken away.

How I can talk to you one day,

and the very next, your voice can be but just a distant fading memory.

What do these three little words mean?

Well to me anyway, they evoke many things:

I hope that you are happy.

I hope that you find your passion, your purpose,

and pursue it vigorously.

I hope you smile, laugh, and are free from the many malfunctions of the human brain.

I hope you do not judge yourself too harshly.

I hope you recognize your own divine beauty.

I hope you have plenty of intimacy.

I hope that you have someone to hug, to hold.

I hope that you have a tight-knit family and even closer friends.

I hope that you'll never lose faith in Love.

I hope that one day you'll find your soul mate,

and live happily ever after.

I hope that you are free from illness and stay healthy.

I hope that you have found the courage to go inward,

and explore realms that historically we suppress.

I hope that you have found the courage to go outward,

and explore the many beautiful realms our earth has to offer.

I hope you are able to keep your heart fully open through all of life’s experiences.

I hope you are full of curiosity and awe.

I hope that you accept change and Love growth.

I hope that you find wisdom and truth.

I hope that you’re impeccable with your word.

I hope that you don't take anything personally, and do not make assumptions.

I hope that you always do your best.

I hope that you know that you truly are worthy

of Love.

I hope that you constantly and genuinely say, “I Love you.”

All this time I knew I loved everybody.

I truly do wish all of this for every single being on this planet.

But yet I was afraid to say it.

Because I thought it was empty when you said it too much.

I thought it in some way over-using it, obliterated its core essence.

Action is what makes the difference, I thought.

And although that is true,

Love is.

There is no limit.

Of that only, am I sure.

And even if currently none of these things are true for you.

I hope that you know,

from the bottom of my heart,

I Love you.

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May 14, 2020

Amazing, Conner.

Made me think: Back high school, "i love you" was said at least once every day. my friends and classmates consistently said "i love you" to me and to each other. It was overused and i felt it devalued its meaning. I also felt, that at that age, not many people really knew what it meant, and neither did i. It seemed that to them, it meant that they felt pleased by someone, in a particular way, so they figured i'll say i love you. People would say it in a variety of ways too, including "love ya" "luv u" and "ily". It was sweet, because it was a way for these kids to lightly show a bi…

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