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Keep Me Awake

A damaged skin entraps the moon

Milk spins ‘round the black of his eyes

In the glow of the fog, in the daytime

the seconds become paralyzed

The willow of the slender trees

float in the flow of the air

The warmth of his whisper swallows me

and wilts the lilies in my hair

And harnessing the energy

of the twinkling light of June

are the girls who softly sway

to the tune of his hot metal flute

I wonder if there was ever a time

before the one right now

the weight of my body falls to the ground

my spirit can not fathom how

My thoughts are not my own

and the vision before me liquifies

Below me, moss, with its permanent touch

Above me, empty violet skies

And the girls, my sisters, continue to dance

in the forest, to which I came alone

Keep me awake, Keep me awake

The Faun overlooks me from the seat of his throne

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1 Comment

Mar 02, 2021

beautiful, Kelsey. Thank you

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