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Life along a horizon

It’s never been about


especially now-

when it can not be.

It is not about


more than feeling,

simply because

we cannot.

It’s easier

to wish,

harder to commit-

we know this.

But we have



Oh it’s not lost on me

your patience.

The time you spend

Stitching up the tear

In your pants

From the rusty metal nails

That you lean against

At night.

The feeling of despair and

Forgottenness is too much

To accept

So you go back,

and go back


I like how you defend me

When I do not-

Not because I cannot,

but because I am not

I like how you keep

me entertained,

and wondering,

dreaming and uncertain.

I like how I laugh because

Of you

and at times,

with you.

I've felt a smile from ear to ear

that makes my face feel too small

to express the joy you offer,

Like reading a poem

With your name written all over it.

It is simply too




Knowing that one day

shall be faced

with a question

we cannot answer

until then.

Still, I choose to continue,

and continue,

with the uncertainty

of tomorrow,

without destination

or remorse,

but with the satisfaction of today,

and life along the horizon.

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Those opening lines are so good! I might make a piece inspired from that if you’re cool with it - let me know :))


Hello Kelsey,

Yea sure! & thank you.

Let me know what you come up with!

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