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Shoreline, You're Fine

Today was a rough day, so I felt like I had to write this. I want everyone here to know that we sometimes need to be easier on ourselves and alter the conditions we place ourselves in. Personally, stepping out of my shoes and into the moment helps. I hope you guys can find help if you need it -- wherever you do

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It is so funny to me how I, personally, might allow things that have only ever happened in my head to influence my actions. Of course, there is some level of reason to this, but more often than not, I find myself being restricted by concepts I formulate alone in my head. It is silly, really, to be so convinced by a "what if" that you become scared or completely resistant to doing something when it actually matters.

Although extremely useful in certain situations, a "what if" can also become a dangerous thing.

I appreciate this poem! Thank you and I hope you are feeling better.


Look at you, speaking so proper for a simple thought broadcast! That dedication alone is enough for me to appreciate, but you took it a step ahead. That said, thank you for these words, Jen. I respond to these inner scenarios so much that I often find myself reacting to things that never quite happened and think to myself "oh, I'm just in a room where only my mind is making things happen." Lately, I'm accepting, allowing, and releasing these mental scenarios whether or not they have any kernel of truth. That mindfulness makes the mental flow less overwhelming.

Great luck and health to you. You're welcome, and thank you too

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