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Sleep Captive

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Where mountains meet sky, spells cease to ride.

Some embers stay lit, and burn up my high.

A frivolous life instead, I am keen to provide.

Love and play,

reveals the great mystery, but I do not pray.

Timeless young blood on a rainbow masquerade.

The prince among friends, green eyes smile loud.

I do what I want, yet fathers so proud.

Long days with a lover, tossed up in the clouds.

Red drinks in sun, a hot dance on the run,

conceding illusions, that cut deep with fun.

Down in the brain, we think he is sane.

A song to be written, and a picture to be framed,

for these moments wont remain,

free from being disarranged.

Peaceful plunge below the twilight,

Unknowingly he sinks further,

into the somber night.

A war will brew within, and it will be time to fight.

Ascending from the shadows, they stretch thin through silent air,

Ghosts of stone push the walls together with the devils stare.

Squeezed upon the table where emotions lay bare,

To be robbed and plundered, this used to happen rare.

Whispers in waves will kill mice and men,

but patience for the ivory souls,

a slow death they will send.

Scramble the troops,

fall into to ranks,

fortify the front,

and reinforce the flanks.

They are here to cut down the bridges,

A treasure so valuable,

We survive by clenching onto these riches.

Frozen bones hot to the touch,

The defenses will fall and he won’t be feeling much.

They eat a new void, and fill it with fear, doubt, rage.

The opened book of life, now missing another page.

Plucked by the feet, they pull further down,

where the darkness falls, and devours all around.

He’s now rotting at the core, and can’t make a sound.

A breathless journey to soon be undone,

he can find light and think he’s won.

Suspended weary confusion, nothing more I can do.

At the curtain shade the stars now gleam through,

where the faded shadows once lurked,

Haunting games to play, if I only knew.

Sinister ways, that have gone on for days,

I can barely tell, but it hurts like hell.

They are with us now, to live in the dreams we have not yet found.

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