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As I stand in the cool, night air, you are what captures my gaze. You pull my attention from here on Earth, and remind me there is more than this small world at my feet. Your light, so strong, travels such vast distances yet it pierces through the dark expanse above. I cannot help but pause in reverence to admire you and the universe your light touches. And as my attention fixates on your brilliant display, my eyes adjust to the pinpricks of lights, so subtle in their different colors. Enraptured in your beauty, I stare longer in your presence and I am rewarded with even more lights that emerge into my vision and the once blue-black sky above me brightens into a dazzling swirl of lights and colors.

No matter how many times I catch myself gazing at you, there are still times tears swell in my eyes. When I can find you past the clouds, with no moon to interrupt my adoration for you, there will never be a moment I don’t appreciate your resplendence. Your light, your color, your shimmering soul filled with the passion of trillions of burning suns… It all captures the attention of my heart. Even when I can’t touch you, I feel your love in the form of the light shining gently down on me. And even on a stormy night, when the clouds hide you from my eyes, or when the moon reflects strongly in front of you... I know you’re there and your light still touches my heart. Because you are my true love; You are my Starlight.

Nov. 2018

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