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The Space Cowboys

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Planetary rust, space cattle, and moon dust.

Were the only ones here, my bestest of kin.

Sent by life or death, because of our sin.

We send the meat, into the breach,

to the colony ships, far beyond our reach.

Future of mankind traversing the galaxy,

for the greater good.

A ticket worth paying for, if you could.

We ride out on steel horses, to muster the herd,

safe from danger, it has never occurred.

Lives to expire,

from thundering winds, lightning worms, and astroids of fire,

if we cannot tame the focus, this job requires.

Cast out to sea, left for dead.

An occupation so necessary, so they said.

The space cowboy remains on borrowed time,

with a moon ranch and a soul of crime.

Bacteria in the clouds, infects the lung,

death will climb through us soon, rung by rung.

The buzz is high, and expectation low.

I’ll look to my lonely fellas, until the final show.

We covet nothing here at the last resort,

wasting precious time is our only comfort.

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