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Tough Day

Spirit sapped

and stripped of joy.

Struggling to grasp

tainted happiness.

Steamy succulent showers

attempt to revive a broken soul.

Except a depressed body

struggles to get out of bed.

Bulky brooding blinds

Block out the sorrow filled sunlight.

Vindictive darkness,

clouds the room.

The heavy burdened door opens,

As mechanical denatured light

springs into the room

causing depressive tremors

Dainty cries can be heard

ruminating from a blackened soul.

Sorrow filled drops

pour out of eyes.

The dark dynamo

Darkens the mind.

Calls can be heard

from the deepest pits of hell

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This poem is straight fire, really. There's not much else to say. I love the alliteration and consonance used here -- really punches in the hard-to-handle points. Heavy stuff here, but that's what I like about it. That said, I hope things are doing better, if not ok. Good job for turning emotions into something beautiful

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