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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Creasing the script paper, firm folded edges fortified words within. Endorsed with a stroke of black ink, ruminating thoughts now published for another to hold onto. A transcribed prattle of delusional confessions, yet transcending words that are so necessary.

Placed in a milky envelope and sealed with dark red ribbon, prepared to be dispatched; the journey begins for this petite packaged cardstock, unaware of the untimely delivery.

Like the great vessels that traverse high seas with wind and tide, letters of desire endure the same weary travel. Inhabited with precious inventory, eagerly awaiting disembarkment to a new found refuge.

Expeditions of this nature, are hopelessly one-way. Indecisions that eagerly await assurance, questions that desperately need answers to, insulated from the solace of a resolving communion. For the bottled up mess sent out to sea, has yet to be received, or hesitates to have a recipient.

Sails that cross the seven seas, and red letters that trade perceptions, produce great silence in the thoughts of masters, and ideally are at a loss of nothing but time.

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Dec 30, 2021

That awkward moment when the sender, courier, and the receiver fail in deliberation so the sender is forced to take the job of the courier so that the receiver can receive the letter that was actually just sitting next to the receiver for the past 15 days completely unaware of his role... imagine?

Dec 30, 2021
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deliverance * wow, that auto correct was the perfect metaphor.

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