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Adding Up Yesterday: travel notes

Yesterday we

played chess

waiting in line to

board a plane.

10 to 19 moves towards

check in, a boarding pass

interruption and passport security

issue just one

additional step away.

A child in distress

rolled around the

disgusting airport floors

as we watched his mother

talk on the phone.


we pretended to value

opinion over


as we stood there, pretending

the behavior of the child

was so extraordinary,

ever so unthinkable,

that we made rash commentary

and put on such ~acceptably~

confused faces-

like we haven't all been there

ourselves, or wanted to be.

Yesterday we walked like

sheep from A to B

flew like caged birds-

Bordeaux to Paris-

and said goodbye to Bourrou

like it was just a pitstop

on the way to a returned


Today is the aftermath of yesterday-

it just doesn't add up.

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