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You know I love you, right?

To who it concerns,

I forgive you.

Revenge is the illusion we give thinking it'll preserve our sanity, but we don't see that

through a veil of suffering. I forgive you, though, because I'm not giving you the credit

you want, the approval or validation you seek, thriving from chaos.

You don't deserve my vulnerability anymore. I give it to you when I need something

and I take it away when I've got it, and that's power.

You've laid your loving hands on me


and painfully

bruises that go away, but scars that will always stay

in every sense of the term. I forgive, but I don't forget.

(I've never loved so deeply

the person I hate the most)


I forgive you.

and let it be so

that when we let go

You were always there for me

and I'll always be there for you.

you'll live within me forever.



- Your one and only.

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