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“a passing sadness that never passes”

i cried while eating breakfast today

not fully; merely a few tears

thankfully none fell into

the poor man’s version of shakshouka

i had attempted to make was already too salty

i don’t know if it was the tomatoes

or the longing for lingering

that tasted so acidic;

nevertheless it was unappetizing

i am now waiting impatiently

for the post meal edible

to hopefully lift my spirits

a pineapple-flavored emotional digestif

gymnopédie no. 1

plays on loop in my mind

satie providing the soundtrack

for a film i can’t (won’t?) stop seeing

the sun is shining

and it is beautiful

and she is beautiful

and i have to mow the lawn soon

the smell of freshly cut grass

that i far too often confuse with petrichor

always seems to soothe me

i can only hope it remains true today

i can only hope to come back greener

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