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blind traveler

I can’t stop thinking about

the blind traveler

without a dream

wandering in a cold state of solitude

constantly walking

and perpetually lost.

How he starts to fall in love

but he feels like a fraud

because he is falling in love

behind a screen.

Every day,

blurry idealistic

images of a distant girl

form in his fogged mind.

Why am I still lost?

he wonders,

“I have been everywhere

have met the most wonderful people

and have never felt alive.”


the traveler falls into a pond,

and as the dirt on his face

and blood on his clothes wash away,

he sees

how he has not been anywhere

where he was not searching.

All these years lost because

he was looking for a meaning

that cannot be found.

He thinks about this girl,

far away and untouchable,

and trembles when he realizes that

she never existed

For hours,

she sang along to his lullabies,

listened to his stories,


for comfort, for reciprocal

entertainment --

The pond is now frozen,

and he blinds himself again,

but this time with tears,

as he has been mistaking duration

for progress.

“I don't know why you're crying,”

the girl says to him

“I am just as lost as you.”

Pain arises in the traveler

as he crawls out of the cold pond

suddenly aware

that he has missed

all of the pleasures in life.

And then,

the traveler walks on

in search of a home,

leaving the girl behind,

when he soon decides

what is meaningless

will forever be the same.

And so, he starts all over again.

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03 mar 2021

That is such an amazing point! I fully agree! Consumerism plays such a big role in this - how we are always looking for a way to be better, to improv how we look how we act and we forget so often that the past us was dying to be even half as amazing as the current us but we hardly ever stop to appreciate the moment we’re in and the person we’ve already become

and yes totally is a good thing! If anyone‘s able to capture the vibe of eternal sunshine, thats pretty hard to do, it’s a wild movie with a pretty unusual narrative. I prefer Mr. Nobody personally for films that travel through different points in your…

Me gusta
05 mar 2021
Contestando a

I like that you brought up the perspective of our past selves. I will reflect on that.

Of course, it is okay to improve, it is okay to want to look different, it is okay to re-evaluate who we are and how we act- this is actually encouraged so that we may evolve into something greater. It is how we are able to look back and be proud of the journey we have taken or thankful for the decisions we have made. However, if we cling on to the unattainable, the search will kill your spirit and will depreciate desire. The nature of consumerism definitely plays a role in this. To bring it back to the blind traveler, the traveler…

Me gusta

02 mar 2021

This almost gives me Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vibes. Especially the line that says

“I don't know why you're crying,” “I am just as lost as you.” This poem is super aware of itself.

Its so much journeying and not much resolution in life. The search is the constant while the meaning "freezes over" and keeps refreshing itself so that being lost and unable to see clearly is this never ending cycle. Unless I totally misinterpreted. I really enjoyed this !

Me gusta
03 mar 2021
Contestando a

I am not familiar with that movie! I hope it is a good thing.

And thank you for your feedback, truly.

You have certainly captured the essence of my thoughts during the time I wrote this. The concept of 'journey' has been a constant theme in my mind.

I like your mention of the cycle and also how the search is a constant.

I also believe that there is no searching in a life we give meaning to. I tried to capture the idea of how mindless routine can kill us through the traveler. When you are fully indulged in the present, unlike the traveler who idealizes a woman who doesn't exist and has neglected the blood and dirt on…

Me gusta
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