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Honey Coated

Sweet honey comb tears

Roll down my cheeks

When I think of little things;

Funny friendships I had

And immature lovers

Who create loud memories in my brain.

Wrapping moment after moment

Under the billions of stars

Who have seen more than I’ll ever.

Leaves of a rundown maple tree dying to ignite fall colors over sunsets, sunrises.

Reminding me time is endless and experiences limited.

We are reminded by shooting stars, explosions of time. Nothing lasts forever.

Twelve shooting stars and several cows

I counted

Scraped knees and hungry tummy like I'm young again.

Running in a drying yellow field

I remember when I wasn’t engulfed by insignificant worries

I lie awake to at night.

I laugh, because everything I think of is another layer of life I find unreal, unimportant.

Yet here I am, writing a poem about it.

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