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Loblolly Pond

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

A lovely day in Loblolly Pond,

you exclaim each and every time.

To be inside on a day like this, you say, it surely must be a crime.

We take the same route, say the same things

but with each step you grow stronger.

It’s a lovely day in Loblolly Pond, you say

God I wish we could stay here longer.

Then with a drink in your hand and eyes looking out

we watch the sun sink lower.

It was a lovely day in Loblolly Pond

I just wish it would go by slower.

Of course, not every day in the pond is so lovely.

I’m feeling rather low, you would say as you yawned.

But the sun came back out and the clouds went away

and my, it’s a lovely day in Loblolly Pond.

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