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Oh Sweet Child

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Oh Sweet Child

She who takes comfort in false companionship

awaiting validation from those who do not seek.

Ask her who she is and observe as she mumbles

struggling to find the right words to describe

her pathetic existence.

Think, analyze until a benevolent whatchamacallit

have been distorted enough to hunt your thought

every second of the day.

Oh Sweet Child

She who thinks that every word that spills out

of her mouth are nothing but cretinous noises

that can never and will never resonate with a single soul.

It could all be simple to just leave

Not die-merely gone

Her life feels like an empty shell that has been washed

up on that heavily polluted beach nobody ever goes

to anymore.

Oh Sweet Child

She who confronts the uncertainty of life by letting

her tears dominate her dreams.

If she changes herself enough maybe

she can be shapeless which would make it

much easier to fit into other’s expectations.

What should she do? Who should she be?

Oh Sweet Child

She who reasons spending every dime she has

on things she doesn’t like to live up to the hype

ready to sell her soul for a quarter to be liked

failing to realize that self-love and acceptance share the

same address

Oh Sweet Child

This world ain’t fair

Like mama said

If you don’t toughen up it will leave

you in despair.

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Mar 19, 2020

yessss so good. I read it in my head with your voice, your passion, the same way you moved me when I first heard it. I loved the delivery, but the words themselves hit me strongly. Very well done.


Mar 17, 2020

I agree with Veronica!


Mar 17, 2020

You already know I love it! Can a recording of your reading it be added to this post?

Hearing it the way you read it out loud the other day adds a another layer of depth to the meaning.

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