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the quiet world

I first read this poem back in high school and it's lingered in my mind ever since. I made this very short film as part of a quarantine film festival put on by Industry Makers in Huntington, NY. I was trying to think of what to make while sorting through my record collection and it all kind of just came together. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.

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Dear B

Dear B, The memories you have given me has changed my life forever. So many beautiful memories that I can cherish each and every day. Memories I can look back on and appreciate with gratitude. The opp

A Blank Room

A blank room, a canvas. Three beds nicely tucked waiting for their next patients. Food comes in, cold sweaty steamed food. Half touched, the remains get tossed away. Cries spill out, without a single


I am far too baked to try and attempt an appropriate response right now. But I shall persevere and make an honest effort. I wish I were the one that chose the number 167, but seeing as how it was Jeffrey McDaniel that wrote the poem... He would be the person to ask. If I were to venture a guess, I would say that the number itself is arbitrary. The significance of it comes from simply knowing that our words are finite. And so we must choose carefully, how each syllable is used and expressed in our language of love. Whether that love be between friends or partners or even enemies. I feel like I'm rambling now and maybe I'm…


Apr 10, 2020

I like this video. Creative and sentimental. Your words brought me to a world that I felt actually existed for a minute. I wonder what was your inspiration? How did you come up with the number 167? Is it calculated or is it random? Either way I like the number you chose. Maybe I would be just as satisfied if you chose a different number instead. What a strange world to live in! Where the government puts sanctions on the amount of words you can use. Not even what you say, how many you say. What’s the first amendment like in this world? Does such a thing exist? Well, it could still exist in some way. Like, you could still…

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