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untitled - 4/11/20

today I miss you

much like yesterday and the time

before; more than I care to admit

and yet

Here lies my confession:

i am no longer religious

but it is early afternoon

and last night was Good Friday

they say

that love requires sacrifice

so take of me


leave the burden of my shame

you have enough to carry

I don’t know if I will rise from this

the same man

or at all

does it matter if the tomb remains sealed,

if Magdalene is not there to bear witness?

spill my wine

and burn the breadth

of my body

a toast to life

so far lost

and better times than


- s.jameson

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Apr 17, 2020

"breadth / of my body"...! Genius. Also think its interesting that you mention shame... that has been coming up a lot for me in my quarantine writing. Hm.

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